Jeevandhara old age home is located at the centre of Lambha, Ahmedabad. It was established in the year 2002 with the hands of swami Champaklal Dhelabhai Shah. The old age home is spread in the campus area of approximately 10,000sq yard, in which currently 105 old people are residing. There are 52 well facilitated rooms for them. In campus there are facilities like school of meal, Bhagwan Mahaveer Medical Center, Bhagwan Mahaveer eye care hospital, Senior Citizen, Tiffin Service, Phsyotherapy centre, Exercise School, Prayer hall, entertainment hall, conference hall, upazila, providing employment to women under "Mahila Utkarsh Center". Here, with the help of the old citizens many humanitarian activities are been carried out, with which the residents of the old age home involves their services with body-heart-wealth. Due to this the needy people get service and the senior citizens get to indulge in activities. In Jeevandhara old age home we provide accommodation to the old people who are widow or widower spending a lonely life, as well as unmarried, childless, having only daughters, mentally retarded, blind, bedridden, paralysed seniors citizens have a separate facility and are provided life long stay in the old age home. The residents having no child, and they die, then all the ceremony of cremation is performed by the trust. In the trust we abode the old citizens of all the religion and cast and they live happily with the support of each other.


It is located in the premises of Jeevandhara Old age home. The residents of the old age homes of Gujarat are provided free cataract treatment under Cataract Free Mission by hospital. The hospital carries out the eye check-up camps in various old age homes and the senior citizens having the requirement of spectacles are provided for free. Those who have cataract they are provided with pick-up and drop, stay and food service along with free cataract operation. As well as the proper treatment of eyes is provided.

The trust provides the free eye check-up camps in the internal villages, which carries out the check-up for free and distributes the spectacles for the needy ones for free and operates the cataractpatients with no cost along with pickup and drop, stay and meal service.

The patients from the internal village are provided services like stay and meal and without cost operation of cataract is conducted.

In the area of 10km of eye hospital there is no other eye hospital. So many patients of this area takes treatment here. Bhagwan Mahaveer Eye hospital treats the needy patients of cataract for free.

The trust has the latest technology from Japanese company are established in the hospital. In eye care hospital well known doctors form Santram Temple (Nadiyad) and Bareja hospital deliver their services.

Till 31-03-2017 in Gujarat state the eye check-up camp has been organised in 42 old age homes and more than 25 internal villages.



A mobile medical van is provided by the trust to provide the treatment in the internal villages where no doctors can reach. Even it provides service to the old age home in remote areas. General camps are also organised in the villages and proper treatments are provided.


The trust has constructed the building for the dental clinic. With the help of donors the dental clinic will be started by the trust.


The trust has provided ambulance service. The service is provided in 20km of area. As well as the service is available to the residents of the old age home in the village.


The trust runs physiotherapycentre as well, which is limited to serve the senior citizens of the old age home. When the trust accumulates sufficient fund then the service will be open for general public. For the residencies of the old age home, the service is provided for free.